Poster competition

Created on Friday, 26 May 2017 16:09:12

Oral and poster competition with prizes.
Friday 16 June - 10.15 – 11.20  

At the NUF competition, you have the possibility to win a prize.
During the conference on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday a committee will select:

- One presentation from each of the doctor's oral presentations where we have total 5 session

- On poster from each of the doctor's poster session on Wednesday / Thursday and Thursday /  Friday

- One presentation from the nurse's oral program and

- One poster from the nurse's poster session

If you are selected for the competition with prizes you have to provide a four-minutes presentation, with slides, -we kindly ask you have a presentation ready in advance. We will start up with the poster presentations and afterwards the oral presentations. There will be no possibility for discussion or questions afterwards.

The best poster presentation will receive a money prize

The ultimate winners will be elected by an on-line voting made by the audience

If you have any questions about the presentations at the competition on Friday the 16th, please send a mail to Lars Lund at